photograph of cute little dog

Photographing Craft Projects with Pets

Creative Art with Pets and a graphics program #creativeart #art #pets
photograph of cute little dog

Most people are drawn to pictures of animals and photographing craft projects with pets always makes a great addition to any blog post. Just adding a photo of a pet is also neat!

Getting the perfect photos can be difficult at times depending on how helpful your pet is.

Nothing is more fun than quilting, painting or working on crafts with your favorite furry friend helping.

dog on orange peel quilt

This little cutie usually doesn’t spend much time in my studio and it can be a challenge to take photos of her on quilts.

Most of the she refuses to look at me and if she does… might be a look like this. I guess the photo session is over!

Spunky little cat
She often sits along
I hit Shift then enter to keep this spacing. Now I’ll hit just ENTER

Cat on pet pillow

Enter is down here now

dog on orange peel quilt



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