3 Reasons to share craft content on your blog!

3 Reasons to share craft content on your website!

Reason One:

As a creative person you enjoy sharing the process of whatever craft you enjoy doing. People love to read DIY tutorials and see photos of whatever you are working on.

Reason Two:

There are millions of people on the internet, you will meet others that are interested in the same things as you. Live out in the country miles away from other crafters? Don’t worry, you can join groups and find many others with the same interests that will enjoy learning how to create whatever you are sharing.

Reason Three:

You can make money with your website! Create digital patterns, set up a store on Etsy and sell digital or actual products. As you share more and more content and people visit your website, you’ll be able to place ads on your site with a company like Mediavine.

The handmade or homemade crafts community has really grown and there are many places besides your website that you can sell and market your crafts. The market is growing and growing!

You no longer limited to selling your crafts in local shops or at crafts shows and flea markets. Those are still great ways to sell but many people are shopping online and the numbers continue to grow.

Etsy is probably the most popular marketplace for crafters to sell handmade crafts online. Accounts are free and you just pay a small fee to list your items and a small fee when it sells.

Raverly.com – This is a neat site for anyone who knits or crochets patterns and items.

Artfire.com is a indie marketplace with an active community. The company offers free seller accounts, but also offers paid accounts for more experienced sellers needing more inventory space. They also have a blog and share many helpful posts like this one on lighting for your photography.

Handmade Artists’ Shop – this looks like it is only for actual products not digital ones. They have a forum and also a blog, looks interesting!

Society6 – is wonderful for artists or anyone working with digital art.

Handmade by Amazon – this looks interesting!

Share your talent:

Teach on Skillshare and earn money! They even have classes to teach you how to do this.

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